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Jeff, Jon, and Staff,


I would like to thank you all for all the help you gave my friends (Barbara & Stasia) in picking out my beautiful necklace & earrings for my 50th birthday. I will cherish them always. I also LOVE my moonstone earrings that my daughter and husband picked out.It was so very thoughtful and nice of you to make a donation in my name to the Tunnel to Towers fund. Thank you.

Happy Holidays to all! 

Cheryl O.

New York

Dear John,


David and I will never be able to adequately thank you for making a dream come true. Years ago, when we literally didn't have 'two nickels to rub together' David promised me that 'I'd get my diamond ring someday.' I knew he meant it in his heart, I just always thought of it as a dream… Our lives have been blessed with so much – an enduring love, healthy children who have never given us a moment's trouble, supportive family and friends, and more material blessings than I ever could have imagined. My ring is almost too much 'to take in.'For all you did to make this possible – thank you. Warmest Regards


New York

I couldn't be happier with my recent purchase!Best customer service EVER! I highly recommend to anyone, anywhere looking for a high quality jeweler that you can trust and thatwill treat you right! Thank you!!!

Karen B

New York

Good morning Norman,


I received the ring last night and love it! Thank you so much and I look forward to calling you in the future for another piece of jewelryThank you again.

Kim Sasai

New York

To the Landsberg Clan,


The pearls arrived this morning and they are exquisite; absolutely the right choice on the lighter green color. I am certain Barbara will be thrilled; if these don't put me in good stead for awhile, there is no hope. Again, thanks for all your assistance--fabulous service and quality product.Gents--At my age generally there are only 3 "for certain" evenings--my birthday, our anniversary & New Years Eve. We now have a 4th--Barbara's birthday. The pearls were a smash hit--Barbara found them exquisitely beautiful, as did both daughters who joined us for dinner. Each put them on and went to the ladies room to get an unobstructed view in the mirror. Even a patron dining at the restaurant (Coi in SF, which is one the latest top foodie destinations in the US) came over, commenting that he had to see what generated all the excitement. He too thought the pearls were spectacular, so of course I gave Landsberg Jewelers the credit and a good plug. You guys really did a great job and I can't thank you enough.



New York

Thank you for making Natalie's ear piercing an event for her!

By the way, I came back and had Jonathan reset my engagement ring diamond into a solitaire pendant. He did an amazing job, and I love it!! I think the gemstone looks even better as a necklace, and set in white gold! Lots of compliments!

A+ service! Thanks so much!

Mary C.

New York

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