Top 5 Mistakes Not to Make When Buying Jewelry for Your Significant Other

#1 Not asking for someone’s help at some point during the process.

We want you to do your own research before asking for assistance. We want you to pry and ask your significant other some questions. But after you acquire that bit of information, it would be an excellent idea to have someone to hand-hold you through the remainder of the process.

The jewelry buying process is not like driving. You should not just keep going and hope to pick up the trail at some point. Once you buy it, it is yours.

Why not ask a qualified professional for assistance? The process will be seamless and informative, not to mention enjoyable. This part of the process is where Landsberg Jewelers excels. We have a combined 100+ years of experience in the field of not only high-end jewelry made by the most exclusive designers, but custom one-of-a-kind pieces as well. Does your significant other have old jewelry no longer being worn simply because it is broken or dirty or even out of style? Bring it in. We can help. We can take the old and restore it to it's former glory. Or we can even take the old and make it into something completely new and exciting!

For example, we have taken the gorgeous stones from a broken ring of a special family member and transformed them in simple, classy necklace!

#2 Not asking her or her friends. Just ask. Anyone.

Take a look at the jewelry your significant other wears daily. Chances are, if gold is worn frequently, you should stick with gold. Although you can mix metal, the majority of our customers still tend to stick with one metal. If a customer wears white gold or platinum or silver etc. their future purchases will likely be in the same metal.

#3 Not asking Google.

Do some research ahead of time. At the very least, you will more clearly understand your options. You wouldn’t buy that car without doing research. Well, the same goes for jewelry. Learn about different metals and different stones. Diamonds, different cuts, birthstones, etc.

#4 Choosing the right store.

Buying from a local retailer in (Landsberg Jewelers serves the entire tri-state area, from the Five boroughs to Westchester and Connecticut with locations in New York City's famed Diamond District on 47th Street as well as Rye Brook in Westchester) whom you can trust is your best option. You may want to see several options in person or bring your significant other’s friend or family member with you. In addition to being able to look at, touch and try on the pieces, you will also have one of our trained professional jewelry consultants there to answer any questions you may have and even make suggestions.

#5 Worrying about price first.

Having a budget in set before shopping is a great start. Not buying jewelry simply because you think it will be too expensive is a mistake. There is jewelry at every price point. Not every price point will get you exactly what you want, but there is something for everyone.

At Landsberg Jewelers, we truly hope that every jewelry buying experience is one you will remember and cherish. We endeavor to make each experience unique and tailored to the individual. If there is anything we can assist you with, please let us know!

Jewelry lasts forever and can be enjoyed not only by your significant other but for generations to come….

We hope to see you soon!


-Norman, Jonathan and Jeffrey Landsberg

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