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4 Steps to Change a Watch Battery the Correct Way

We all know that when a watch battery runs out, getting it changed can be an arduous process. And attempting it on your own can lead to disaster. At Landsberg Jewelers we have a swiss trained watch professional that handles all of our clients' needs.

Changing a battery seems like it should be a relatively simple process and while it is, one must take care to go through the proper steps to ensure success.

Here are a few hints from our watchmaker:

  1. Ensure to begin with a clean watch. Take care to clear any debris from the case back.

  2. Inspect the gasket making sure to note whether or not the gasket is laying flat in the channel in on the case back. This is a good time to make sure to clear any dirt from this channel. Otherwise it may get into the watch and can cause havoc to the minute and hour hands.

  • ​Do not hesitate to replace the gasket. It is inexpensive enough. In addition, feel free to use a silicone based base sealant to ensure a smooth tight seal.

  1. Once the case back has been removed and the watch cleaned you should be able to access, remove and replace the battery. Having a wide variety of batteries is recommended as they are inexpensive to have multiples in stock. You can use tools known as Jaxa wrenches to make the job easier. We have even used a rubber ball to remove the case back.

  2. Once the battery is replaced and the case back replaced, clean the watch with a lint free cloth. This last step must not be skipped. Any leftover grease or fingerprints will be removed and the client will be returned a nice clean watch with a fresh new battery.

Here at Landsberg Jewelers we ensure that every battery change, strap change, and watch repair is done with the utmost care. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns! Landsberg Jewelers 914-510-8920.

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