Identification please.....

The popularity of ID bracelets in this country dates back to the early 1960s, when teenagers wore them loosely around their wrists. These silver or gold bracelets feature large links that span out from each side of a slightly arched plate upon which the wearer’s name is inscribed. Today, ID bracelets are worn not only by teenage boys and girls, but also by their older counterparts. In fact, ID bracelets are so ubiquitous nowadays that they may be regarded as the jewelry equivalent of jeans. They are smart looking, casual, and hip all at the same time. Current updated versions may up the cool quotient with double-wrap chains or textured links. ID bracelets never go out of style.

Identification bracelets have long been a favorite type of jewelry among many people. There is just something special about having a bracelet that is personalized with your first name engraved or etched into it. The movement has also branched out to pendants, necklaces & rings.....

You can buy great identification bracelets at LANDSBERG JEWELERS which is conveniently located at 132 S. Ridge St. Rye Brook, NY or 66 West 47th St. New York, NY. Call us at 914-510-8920 or 212-391-1980, and allow us to assist you. We are more than a luxury retailer, and that’s just the way we like it. As a chic gem of a jewelry boutique; chock full of cutting edge collections and the world’s finest diamonds we personally stand behind every piece of jewelry we sell. Warm and welcoming, our retail atmosphere says it all “come inside and play”.

P.S. ID bracelets are the perfect gift—stylish, personal, and beautiful.

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