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Even if you are choosing white gold for a diamond ring, consider the benefits of selecting platinum for the setting. While white gold is composed of 75 percent or less of precious metal, platinum is usually 95 percent pure. Unlike white gold, which is typically plated with rhodium (a member of the platinum group) to give it a lustrous white finish, platinum possesses an inherent white luster that will never wear off. Platinum also possesses superb strength and durability, which are characteristics to look for when selecting a material that will hold a precious diamond firmly in place, particularly in prong settings. Platinum also does not tarnish and is the preferred metal to show white diamonds to their best advantage.

When choosing a setting for your diamond jewelry, consider the dazzling appeal and integrity of platinum. At LANDSBERG JEWELERS, we have a large selection of platinum engagement rings, wedding bands and matching necklaces. We can also custom design a piece of jewelry to your liking. Come in to one of our locations at 132 S. Ridge St. Rye Brook, NY or 66 West 47th St. New York, NY and view all that we have to offer. Call us at 914-510-8920 in Rye Brook or 212-391-1980 in NY. Our experience, skill and knowledge will help you make a confident purchase that you will enjoy for years to come. We take pride in both the quality of our jewelry and quality of our service.

P.S. Delicate gemstones can be set more securely (and with less effort) in platinum than in gold.

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