BEST SELLERS: Introducing Pleve

We have come across some beautiful collections in the past. We have never seen something like this before. A mosaic of diamonds styled so flawlessly without the use of the conventional prong settings is unheard of. Ron's technique is patented and "can best be described as a free, creative use of all possible diamond shapes, sizes, and colors in a kaleidoscopic harmony of pure artistic form. Each piece of Plevé Diamond Jewelry is handmade and one of-a-kind.

Ron Rizzo explains: "If you look back in jewelry history", he says, "there have been a lot of technological inventions that have advanced the industry. But basically it has all been based on the same craft. This is a new craft." The artisans who assemble Plevé jewelry are not your typical stone setters. Rather, they are graduates of art schools who have been specifically recruited to bring a non-traditional source of expertise to the table. There is a unique blend of accomplished illustrators, sculptors, and ceramists on the team, as well as jewelry design graduates, who all contribute their own aesthetic sensibility to each Plevé Diamond Mosaic piece. The result- this harmony between different sizes, shapes and colors- is described by company principals as "magic."

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