"Gurhan the Man is the creative force and inspiration behind GURHAN the Brand.

Gurhan is internationally renowned for pioneering the revival of pure 24 karat gold jewelry and for changing the landscape of jewelry design with his award-winning creations. But Gurhan is much more than that… and so is the brand that he has created…he is a larger-than-life personality whose exotic life and eclectic tastes have forged a brand which is known for its diverse and rich expressions of a life worth living.


Whether wrought solely in pure gold or “kissed” with gold in his popular sterling silver line, there is no mistaking a piece of GURHAN jewelry.  It is the personal touch of Gurhan on his designs that defines his signature aesthetic.  Gurhan’s “fingerprints” are the essence of his jewelry – they are seen in the marks of hand-hammering and natural imperfections, evidence that every piece is painstakingly crafted by hand.


His fingerprints are also the symbol of his singular personality and unbridled vision for his creations.  Every piece he designs is inspired by the very woman who he dreams will wear it, and every piece is imbued with his passion for creating a piece just for her.  When you wear a piece of GURHAN jewelry this personal dimension resonates within you.  Women around the world, celebrities, and collectors alike, seek out his jewelry, not only for its distinctive design but for this very personal experience."